We collaborate, we don't compete.

A variety of exciting businesses

Collaboration is a powerful business tool for businesses, regardless of size or industry. We work together to solve problems and achieve goals that are sometimes out of reach when you’re working alone.

By combining our efforts and expertise with different organisations, we all benefit and are better able to innovate and grow.

Crafting with a conscience

Tesori Di Craft Room

Owned and run by Deborah Grugnaletti, a talented craft artist with Asperger syndrome, Tesori di Craft Room sells handmade items bursting with personality and colour.

Deborah also specialises in Wiccan artefacts all made with herbs and natural materials from her beautiful garden.

Deborah reached out to us as she was struggling with actioning and conveying her creative ideas effectively. She had a lot of ideas for projects that involved working with schools, children and events, but couldn’t think how to make them into a reality.

Deborah also struggled with organisation and task management. She found that she would often abandon projects when another idea popped into her head.

With Deborah’s needs and challenges in mind, it was clear to us that she needed an expertly crafted business strategy to help her organise her time and take proactive steps towards achieving her goals. We put together a strategy that outlined exactly what Deborah needed to do to keep on track. We worked closely to develop her strengths and skills, alongside identifying opportunities for her to start running local seasonal craft fairs. We also advised Deborah on optimising her product range by helping her identify which collections to keep and which ones to set aside.

We continue to work with Deborah to plan her time. We make sure that her plans create space for necessary breaks to compensate for the sensory overload that busy environments bring for people with Asperger syndrome.

Power through pin-up


Celebrating the diva in every woman, Miss Diva provides 1950s themed makeovers and photoshoots. Passionate about promoting age and body positivity, Miss Diva shows that every woman can feel marvellous, fierce and empowered if she gives herself a little attention whilst taking herself a little less seriously.

Sharing is wearing


As innovators in wearable technology, T-Share has created a product that changes how parents interact and bond with newborn babies. T-Share has designed and produced an interactive t-shirt that is worn by parents of newborn babies to engage and entertain them.

The shirt has been developed through working with an occupational therapist. They have reviewed the initial idea, suggesting any changes that would help the product to benefit development and baby-adult bonding.

Head-turning turbans

Miss Flapper

Miss Flapper ideates, designs and creates a beautiful and luxurious range of turbans. Each piece is completely one-of-a-kind; designed and sewn using fabrics that can be worn by people with skin conditions or anyone who is going through chemotherapy.

Miss Flapper is also a creator of ‘The Circle of Wellbeing’, a program that offers free treatments and services (including bespoke turbans, makeup and cosmetology, yoga, massages and cooking classes) to women going through chemotherapy. The program will be launching in Italy and the UK in 2020, setting out to remind women going through a tough time of the goddesses they are.