Miss Flapper

Head-turning turbans

Miss Flapper ideates, designs and creates a beautiful and luxurious range of turbans. Each piece is completely one-of-a-kind; designed and sewn using fabrics that can be worn by people with skin conditions or anyone who is going through chemotherapy.

Miss Flapper is also a creator of ‘The Circle of Wellbeing’, a program that offers free treatments and services (including bespoke turbans, makeup and cosmetology, yoga, massages and cooking classes) to women going through chemotherapy. The program will be launching in Italy and the UK in 2020, setting out to remind women going through a tough time of the goddesses they are.

Services used

Business Strategy Marketing Strategy

Underwing's Impact

Through consistent work on branding, messaging testimonials and PR, Underwing got Miss Flapper in VOGUE in 2019, as well as on the heads of very well known actresses and business owners. As a result of this success, other countries became interested in Miss Flapper’s products, including the USA, UK, and Australia. Miss Flapper’s accomplishments demonstrates how effective business and marketing plans and strategies can be at growing businesses and expanding their brand awareness.

Underwing continues to work with Miss Flapper, providing marketing strategy, business growth plans and brand awareness. Our founder, Francesca, works on The Circle of Wellbeing as an event creator and supervisor.

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