About Us

We work with entrepreneurs and business owners who have been busy laying and incubating their business egg, watching it hatch, caring for it night and day and now it’s ready to take flight and leave the nest…

From providing a business and marketing strategy to branding and event management – Underwing supports, educates and empowers you to take bold action, improve your team dynamics and culture, allowing you to focus on your mission with confidence.

We tailor our services to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to create a six-month business plan, put on an event, set up a campaign, launch a product or service, grow your social media following, or simply give your set-up a boost.



“Fran is so professional, delivers everything with real efficiency, is a valuable source of ideas and information and is truly passionate about her business and clients.” – Michaela Smith, Business efficiency and growth coach


Championing talented people and businesses

We believe you need to walk before you can fly. You can expect a free initial call to go through what you need, no matter which service you choose. We’ll figure out where you’re at with your business and work closely with you at every step of the way.

We’ll help you work through challenges, streamline processes, find and fill in the gaps, work from the ground up and create meaningful strategies.

After working with us, you’ll exceed your own expectations.

Our little black book is full of connections; we’ve got you covered if you need developers, analysts, event producers, accountants, content writers, or anything in between. Underwing will help you build your network and form business-boosting collaborations.


“Fran emanates an exceptional sense of calm, even during critical moments. Her problem-solving skills are out of the ordinary!”


Francesca Manca is a creative problem solver, jazz lover and purpose-driven Founder of Underwing.

She has multiple strings to her bow after working in business strategy, marketing, and events for the past two decades.

Francesca, or Fran, once you get to know her, goes out of her way to make sure your individual needs will be met and respected.

With a passion for working with pioneering businesses and entrepreneurs ready to take action, she can bring a fresh perspective to your business.

Fran is very involved with the Autistic and Special Education Needs (SEN) community; she’s a proud advocate of this talented and underrepresented group of people. Fran’s experienced in working with people from all walks of life and needs.

Based in Liverpool, Francesca works across the UK, Paris and Milano and is always open to working in new locations.