Miss Diva

Power through pin-up

Celebrating the diva in every woman, Miss Diva provides 1950s themed makeovers and photoshoots. Passionate about promoting age and body positivity, Miss Diva shows that every woman can feel marvellous, fierce and empowered if she gives herself a little attention whilst taking herself a little less seriously.

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Underwing's Impact

Following their work with Underwing, Miss Diva is now a much more structured business, offering a series of different services whilst targeting a wider audience.

Elena and Stefania have begun to collaborate with the main pin-up festivals in Italy. They are on track to grow even more in 2020, with the introduction of a number of new services and a series of workshops run with the help of famous burlesque performers and pin-ups.

Underwing is continuing to help Miss Diva grow and develop their business. We have completed a new business plan for 2020 that largely focuses on social media marketing.

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