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Autism and SEN-Friendly Services

Working with you in a way that suits you best.

We offer tailored approaches to autistic and neurodiverse entrepreneurs and freelancers with a view to help them make their work as stress-free and seamless as possible.

We understand that each individual can have their own restrictions such as sensory overload, needing longer breaks after meetings, struggling to complete important projects or being overwhelmed by too many social requests.

By understanding your limitations and championing your strengths, we create a unique approach that prioritises your needs. If your condition prevents you from leaving the house, all of our services can be delivered via phone or email as well as in person.

There is a disappointing lack of services and help available to people with special needs, and we’re passionate about changing that.

In addition to our services, we work with local special needs schools to help secondary school pupils find ways of working that suit them best.


Living with special educational needs means adapting to a lot of things. In the same way, we can work with you to adapt and build a business that’s suitable for your needs.


Being a special needs parent makes you realise how many services and products the world is lacking. Have you got an idea for a service or product that would make the lives of special needs individuals and their families a lot better? We can help you make it become a reality!

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