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Strategies that give your business wings.

At Underwing, we work closely with you to get to the heart of your business challenges.

We work to understand the best way to grow and evolve your business over time by analysing your challenges and identifying strategic objectives.

We use our research to inform every part of your strategy, ensuring that your goals are considered throughout. A business strategy must be constructed with longevity as a priority – which is why we always look at the bigger picture.

“Fran takes you by the hand and leads you in the right direction, where everything is possible for your business.”


Our business strategies are crafted with your goals in mind. We grow your business how you want when you want. Our expert team and trusted partners will create a marketing strategy that prioritises your goals. We work with you to understand your audience and their needs so your plan can be personalised, helping you deliver consistently on-target content.


Easily Implemented with clear results: We make sure that you understand how and why we have constructed our strategy so that it can be executed effectively. Thanks to our strategies, our clients have grown through becoming more organised, structured, and focused.


Our founder has worked in marketing for the past two decades, specialising in creating personalised business and marketing plans. A marketing strategy ensures that your content is always fresh, targeted and considered. You want to make sure your content goes out at the right time and reaches the right audience, and a marketing strategy is what makes that possible. Get your business in front of who matters the most with an expertly crafted strategy.

Special packages

Small business & Solopreneur package from £375

Monthly or Annual support package – includes 1 hour per week with Underwing, follow-up calls with strategy and step-by-step to-do list for the week.

Packages include access to all of Underwing’s videos, downloadables AND the ‘client finder’ package and full strategy slides – worth over £800.


Client finder package £250

For when you need an expert to help you evaluate, plan and target

  • 2 x 60min calls to explore your business, establish your target personas and where to find them
  • Clear, detailed 3-month plan to fill your diary/sell your products
  • A step-by-step action plan to get you to fulfil the plan


Business growth mapping £599

Together we’ll create a clear plan to…

  • Define your vision
  • Understand your customer/client journey
  • Identify the right products/services
  • Refine your target client
  • Manage your time, resources and cashflow
  • Budget and forecast correctly
  • Take you through the next 12 months


A solid business strategy can help with every area of growing your business. A comprehensive strategy is the key to business growth, from managing your time and financial planning to attracting more customers and improving efficiency.


“Francesca is passionate about my success and making it happen.”


"Fran's process is simple and it works. Fran put all my fears to rest in less than 8 weeks I landed 3 new clients."

We offer freelance consulting for businesses that want a professional to step into a Marketing Director or Manager position or COO type role. Underwing can be hired by the day for a hands-on approach, or we can create a package tailored to your business needs and budget.


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