Gratitude is Key

When you think of gratitude what do you think of?

Being grateful for the job you have, your family and friends or even the holiday you were able to go on. That’s fantastic that you’re able to find these things. 

But what if you went even deeper and you were grateful for just waking up each morning in a bed with covers over you. 

Each morning when you wake up, rather than going straight for your phone to catch up on things you’ve missed. 

I challenge you to wake up and think of the things you are truly grateful for. 

Tell yourself 3 things and one might include that you are grateful for being able to wake up for another day. 

After that, set yourself up for the day by giving yourself a positive mantra. Whatever gets you excited for the day, tell yourself that. Maybe something like “I believe in myself and I am able to succeed” or “I have the power to make a change today”. 

Throughout the day check in with what has made you feel grateful so far. Maybe think about when someone has done something nice for you. 

Really feel that sense of gratitude as they didn’t need to make that cup of tea for you or give time out their day so you can talk with them.

 Also, think about whether you showed them gratitude in return and they knew you were truly appreciative of them. 

Each evening before getting into bed. Again, what 3 things are you grateful for.

Are you grateful for being alive to have lived another day, being able to put clean fresh PJ’s on? 

Once you have no expectations of others and are grateful for everything around you. You will become happier and lead a truly wonderful life.

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