But… How do you…? Are you…? Is it hard to….?

When I meet people for the first time I am often met with incredulity and a barrage of inquisitive questions.  

They always start with a ‘but’ and once my answers have been proffered the topic is often swiftly switched with a terminal statement of ‘Oh God,  I could never…’ which might be delivered with  awe, respect, horror, envy or wistfully.

What is this curious situation that never fails to provoke a strong response in anyone and everyone I meet?

Is it because I am a lone parent?  Is it because we live between a narowboat and a campervan?  Is it because I am creating multiple income streams and variously can be employed, self employed or director of my own Ltd. company depending on what day of the week it is?  Is it because for the last four years, since my daughter was 10 years old, we have been home educating?

Well, of course it’s all of the above but because there are so many factors at play I’m never 100% sure which aspect will be of most interest to whom – keeps me on my toes!

But, the biggest ? of all is ‘Why’ and in a 600-word blog post I simply can’t do that one justice.  The simplest of answers is; ‘because I believed I could’ with a heavy side order of the most clichéd life trend around right now; life really is too short.

The thing about clichés is, they’re pretty spot on.  

So, there you have it – my hat stand is crowded with; home educator, entrepreneur, single parent, off-grid tiny home dweller, digital nomad, but I the one I like best is Independent & Free.

Often, when you meet people like me, you’ll frequently discover there was a catalyst that prompted this extreme life change.  Mine came during a decade of body blows – each event further crystalizing my resolve to get free.  

I’m not going to soft soap this, it isn’t the easiest life path.  Of all the life events and choices that have brought me to the here and now, there have been vertiginous highs and deep crevasse lows.  

I could easily send my daughter to school and stop worrying if I’m providing the best education for her, I could choose the 9-5 rat race in exchange for financial security,  I could move into a house and revel in endless showers and a flushing toilet.

But, from the ashes of convention I have built a lifestyle and income that allows me the freedom to choose

Watching my business grow is an incredible feeling, even better is witnessing my daughter’s self directed learning skills moving her forward to her University dreams.

In creating a different life for my daughter, I am raising a confident young woman who is not constrained by conventional expectation.  One who will realize her dreams and fulfill her potential from the outset, who won’t need a cataclysmic event as a wake up call.

And so, back to that original conversation and very occasionally I see a spark igniting, inspiration and ideas starting to flow.  

It’s an incredible privilege to feel I’ve been someone else’s inspiration. I am truly delighted to say I now know several people and families who have followed our lead and are rocking it!

It’s the journey, not the destination and it starts with a single step – gotta love a cliché!

Are you ready?